For the seasoned performer...

Advanced Writers Workshop

The hardest part of stand-up comedy is staying fresh. Overusing old material is an easy trap to fall into (especially if it works), but when your material stops being exciting to you, it stops being exciting to an audience, and that isn’t fun for anybody. We know first-hand that sometimes it’s hard to find time to sit down and be hilarious. That’s why we’re offering a special Sunday afternoon writing workshop to help you learn how to generate new material on the fly, off the cuff, and on just about any topic you can imagine. With specially designed group exercises and writing games, you’ll pair up, group off, and help each other find new ways to look at old jokes, as well as learning how to put your training into practice at home.

Try out your material in front of your peer as well as our comedians and comedy writer.

For those who have attended the advance writers workshop: Please note that the workshop is something worth repeating as we will be doing new exercises and bringing in successful comedy writer guests.

Learn how to:

Come up with new jokes on the fly!
Write late-night jokes as a mock writer’s room!
Turn even the most boring topics into hilarious material!

Price is $75 for 2 hours, and class

size is limited to 10. 3 hour class

if there are more than 6 comics.

Lunch included.

Open only to those individuals

who have previously taken part

in Kids ‘n Comedy monthly showS

or workshop

or those who have taken more than one series of classes

When: Sundays@ noon - 3 PM

may change depending on date