Things you probably hate about seeing shows in New York:

Being told to wear a tie.
Sitting behind somebody with a giant hat/wig/face.
Too much stupid finger snapping and not enough irony.

Luckily for you, we hate those things too (particularly all that finger snapping. I mean, really.)
That’s why, every month Kids ‘n Comedy presents a showcase of our best and brightest teenage stand-up grads at Gotham Comedy Club in Manhattan. We won’t ask you to wear a tie. In fact, we hate ties. Nobody wearing a tie is allowed in. There, we’ve put our foot down. Come see the funniest young comedians in New York, and even get the chance to tell a joke yourself, live on stage. I mean, what else are you doing on a Sunday

Also, if it’s your birthday, we’ll give you a shout out on stage, and do our best to make all of your friends really jealous. KIDS ‘N COMEDY is a great place to bring a birthday party (just make sure you give us 3 weeks notice.)

Appropriate for ages:
9 – really, really old.
Lunch menu is available and served during the show.

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APRIL 27         


Danger lurks at every turn. Especially when you're living in New York City. Whether it's getting stuck in the subway turnstiles, or being attacked by territorial pigeons, your safety is being tested every hour of every day! Come to the Kids 'n Comedy Danger! show, and let NYC's funniest teenagers dispense some much-needed survival advice. 

MAY 18         


Families are the best/worst. Sometimes, you can't believe you're related to such awesome people. Other times, you think: why couldn't I have been an orphan? Harry Potter was an orphan, and he turned out just fine! Come hear NYC's best teenaged comedians complain about how embarrassing it is to have a family. 

$15 per person and a one item minimum.
Lunch menu is available and served during the show.

All shows are on Sundays and start at 1:00 PM


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Valerie Bodurtha, Simon Cadel,
Conor Carroll, DilIon Heverin,
Eric Kurn,
Joe O'Hare,
Zach Rosenfeld and the new faces of Alexa Caban, Sarah Landy, Lara Susman, Otis Roffman and more.

MC: David Smithyman